Jonathan James Moore

My name is Jonathan James Moore. I live in the upper Mississippi Valley in a place referred to as the Quad Cities, USA. I have had a passion for photography since the age of 10 when I took my first photo with my Dad's Pentax K100 SLR. I was hooked. I now call myself an aspiring Professional. I do make money doing weddings and portrait photography. My passion and hopefully my future is wildlife and nature photography. I have a lot to learn but get better with every photo I take.

I am here on SmugMug in hopes to share my photos with everyone that wants to come in and take a look. I also hope to sell a few things to help me fund my future in photography. Feel free to leave comments or email me with any suggestions you can think of to improve my photos. I am here to share and learn.

By The Way my bio photo is me forging Lewis Creek in southern Yellowstone National Park. This photo was taken by my wife, Michelle. I am blessed that she to enjoys travel and wildlife viewing and has developed my passion for photography. She is just in the beginning stages of learning, however will be contributing to this site as well and I will be giving her full credit for every image she has me post here, in the captions and in the metadata. In this photo, I was setting up to shoot Lewis Falls from the middle of the creek. Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place to visit. There is such a diverse inhabitants of wildlife, thermal features, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. I will make many trips here in my life in the hopes to bring you some wonderfull photos to enjoy and maybe purchase.

Jonathan James Moore Digital Photography
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